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Our air compressor is tested quarterly to ensure we maintain a CGA Grade E (Oxygen Compatible) status.  This means we are ready and able to fill & blend all gas mixes from Air, Nitrox, & Trimix.  Our compressor can fill up to 4500 psi making it the perfect tool for filling your Scuba, SCBA, & Paintball tanks.
We use a state-of-the-art membrane system to maintain 1500 ft3 of
banked 34% Nitrox.  This makes it super easy to fill tanks to 30% or
32% for divers heading to VA Beach or North Carolina.   
  If you don't have your own tanks to fill but want to take Nitrox with you on your next dive, we can fill our rental tanks with the gas mix of your choosing and have it ready for you to pick-up and take diving.  
Air Fill $12.00
Air Fill Card (25 Fills) $200.00
Nitrox Fill (30-31% "Banked") $20.00
Nitrox Fill (32-36%) $25.00
Oxygen Fill $ .75/cu.ft.
Paintball / SCBA Fill - 3000 psi $10-12.00
Paintball / SCBA Fill - 4500 psi $20-25.00
CGA Fill $60-90.00
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