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Open Water Scuba Diving Courses

Open Water Scuba Diving Course

For those looking to begin exploring the underwater world, our Open Water Scuba Diving course is where you start!  If you are headed out on a cruise and want to see Grand Cayman a little differently, or if you have aspirations of being the next Jacques Cousteau, this is where your adventure begins!  These 3 easy steps outlined below will have you on the path to underwater bliss in no time!

Scuba Diving Courses

Everything starts with a trip to The Dive Shop.  Your first visit is where we get all the paperwork out of the way.  You'll fill out your student folder, pay for your course, and receive your e-learning course codes here.  Students who require a medical physical prior to diving will receive their medical statement.  Students will have a few hours of independent study prior to class which is outlined in your course materials.

Our class consists of two weekends.  Your first weekend focuses on a quick review based off your e-Learning training material and pool skills.  We meet at The Dive Shop at 9am for class.  Feel free to bring food & drinks to class with you.  Please bring your Open Water Diver e-Learning Training Record with you class on Saturday. Around 11am we will take a break for lunch and reconvene at a pool for your first breath's underwater!  
We use a few local pools like the Sandston & Shady Grove YMCAs.  Which pool we are using depends on the weekend and facility schedules.  Bring a swimsuit, towel, mask, fins, snorkel, & boots with you to the pool.  We will provide the rest of the gear, although divers do receive discounts on gear if they purchase it before their pool weekend and you'll be much more comfortable in your own scuba equipment!

Once you've completed your e-learning and pool training you're ready for a much larger dive site!  Most of our students will continue on with us to Lake Phoenix, Virginia's #1 Scuba Park.  Yup, we said Scuba Park.  Just an hour or so South on Interstate 85 you'll find the best freshwater diving in 3 states.  This is where you'll complete your training with you four final Open Water dives.  With the signing of the paperwork and the logging of the dives your instructor will look at you very proudly and say,
"Congratulations you're a diver!"

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